Forensic Psychology is an innovative branch of Forensic Science. Now a days, it is in fame with the help of media and many TV serials, and because of its use in some recently highlighted cases. Forensic Psychology is an applied branch of Psychology in which psychology principles are applied in retrieving the knowledge about a crime or an event from the victim, suspects, witnesses, etc. Psychology technique like Polygraph or Lie detector is well in use globally since last decade. The other techniques like Narco-analysis, Brain Mapping or Brain Fingerprinting, Brain Signature Profiling, etc. are the recent ones and more practiced in India. The advancement of the technology has brought about the latest improvement in the polygraph instrument giving rise to computerised polygraph instrument and the conventional polygraph instrument has been replaced by the new one. The use of Narco-analysis and Brain Mapping in India is largely restricted and has been used in a few cases.


Our Forensic Psychology Laboratory don't directly deals with the cases depends on Polygraph or Lie Detector but we provide a wide range of investigation services on the contractual basis, and with the help of other laboratories or consociates. We help in the cases like:

>> To know the fact behind a criminal offence

>> To know the secrets, in case of crime against society or country

>> To know the motive of a suspicious person

>> To check the character of a person

>> Lie Detection or Polygraph Test

>> Thematic Aperception Test

>> Word Association Test