ALFA offers a variety of services across the scientific, evidence and case-type spectrum. ALFA has a team of highly experience forensic experts who have proved their expertise and given expert opinions on many cases related to forensic science and criminal investigation. The services offered by us are provided by the various departments:

Department of Private Investigation

Our department of Private Investigation offers various attractive investigation services like Surveillance, Spy Gadget, Pre-matrimonial, Post-matrimonial, Wanted criminal’s location search, Missing persons, Theft Burglaries, Pre & Post Employment, Financial fraud identification, Background screening, Verification of birth and marriage certificate, Verification of insurance claims, Asset verification, Undercover agent, Credit worthiness and due diligence, Surveillance, Intellectual property & infringement of trade mark, Debugging, Security audit, Litigation support, Education profile check, Financial Status Investigation, Infringement of Trade Marks, Patents & Copyrights, Loss of Goods in Transit, Verifying Bonafides of Visa Seekers Job Profile check, Salary and Reputation in the work place, Character, Previous Marriage (if any) and daily routine, Temperamental Details, Family Background, Financial Status, Alcoholic. Smoker, Drug Abuse and other general habits, suspected activities or adultery by the spouse, Child Possession, Separation or Divorce cases, Extra Marital affairs and some other queries related to matrimonial cases. We have a wide range of high-tech and featured spy gadgets which we regularly use to investigate these such types of services.