DNA analysis has become standard method in forensic genetics as it is currently applied by most labs for most of the forensic genetic types of expertise. DNA Fingerprint or Profiling have broad applications in forensic analysis such as paternity testing, murder, individualization in natural disaster cases, etc. In DNA profiling the probability of identical pattern between the two randomly selected individuals is in the order of 1 in 10ⁱ⁴, keeping in mind the world population, thus the DNA profiling can be considered highly unique. The objective of DNA laboratory is to help of police to solve the crime cases and also to help the judiciary in criminal justice system. Modern equipments used in DNA lab are ultra-pure water purifier, PCR (Polymerase chain reaction) equipment, Genetic Sequencer, etc. Our Forensic DNA Fingerprinting Laboratory don't directly deals with the cases depends on DNA Fingerprinting but we provide a wide range of investigation services on the contractual basis with the help of other biological laboratories or consociates.


Forensic DNA Fingerprinting Laboratory provide a wide range of services like

>> Analysis of hair and fibres

>> Analysis of stains

>> Identification and paternity testing

>> Analysis of different types of biological fluids

>> Reopening unsolved cases

>> Missing person and victim identification

>> Paternity determination

>> Immigration decision making

>> Individualization in cases like mass disasters and natural disasters

>> Examination of blood, saliva, semen in cases like murder and rape