ALFA offers a variety of services across the scientific, evidence and case-type spectrum. ALFA has a team of highly experience forensic experts who have proved their expertise and given expert opinions on many cases related to forensic science and criminal investigation. The services offered by us are provided by the various departments:

Department of Police Clearance Certificate

ALFA is one of the best PCC providing agencies throughout the India. Our department of PCC provides Police Clearance Certificates and criminal Background Checks from various countries with the help of many agencies like FBI-USA, Australia Federal Police (AFP), RCMP-Canada, UAE, Singapore Police (CNCC), Mexico, Zambia, Nigeria, Kenya, Thailand, Suriname, Syria, Nigeria, Namibia, and Brunei. We also provide State police Clearance Certificates from Florida, New York, Washington New Jersey, Illinois, Ohio, Maryland, California, Mississippi, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Taxes, Utah, Wisconsin, Wyoming etc. Police Clearance Certificates from New Zealand Immigration Visa Purposes Work permit. ALFA is known as one of the best Police Clearance Certificates consultants in India. We ensure our clients to give the best result in a short time and we also have a record to get 100% clients satisfaction in the past years.