Forensic Ballistics division has a very important role in the investigation of the cases like murder, robbery, dacoity, rape, revenge, etc. Forensic Ballistics is a branch of Forensic Science which covers the science of identification of firearms, ammunition and such other related problems like shooting incidents in criminal investigations. Forensic Ballistics basically works on the principle of projectile motion. This branch covers examination of firearms for their service ability and to find out whether they come under the preview of Arms Act, Determination of probable type or make of firearms from fired bullets, cartridges, wads or pellets, etc. to determine whether two or more bullets/cartridge cases have been fired from the same or different firearms.

In this division of forensic science, we basically study about the path traced by objects under the influence of gravity projected with a great velocity, for example path traced by bullets, missiles, etc. Forensic Ballistics deals with the examination of firearms, ammunition involved in a crime to help the investigating officer. Normally all types of firearms, standard and country made guns, arms, ammunition bullets, fired bullets, cartridges, residues of fired ammunition, detection of shot holes on clothes, window glasses etc. involved in murder, rape etc. are examined in Forensic Ballistics Division.

The nature of examination in firearm cases is normally to find out whether the fired bullets are fired from a particular weapon, nature and the type of the weapon, the direction of the firing, the distance of the firing, the range of the firing of the weapon, the time elapsed since the time of firing, etc. In a crime scene in firearm cases, the firearm itself forms the evidence. The position of the firearm should not be altered till its position has been photographed, sketched, marked and video recorded in a suicide case, the position of the firearm is very important. Examiners working with division mostly prefer a comparison microscope for comparison of two bullets, cartridges or cartridge cases.


Our Forensic Ballistics Laboratory provides experts opinions and cross examination services to the clients. Examiners working in this division generally examines:

>> A firearm

>> A fired cartridge case

>> A fired Bullet

>> Pellets Slugs

>> Wads

>> Live cartridges

>> Shot or Powder pattern on Clothing

>> Tissues surrounding gunshot injuries