ALFA offers a variety of services across the scientific, evidence and case-type spectrum. ALFA has a team of highly experience forensic experts who have proved their expertise and given expert opinions on many cases related to forensic science and criminal investigation. The services offered by us are provided by the various departments:

Department of Investigation

Our Department of Forensic Investigation covers a large variety of forensic investigation services including crime scene investigation and management. We also provide expert opinions Under Section 45 of the Indian Evidence Act on many services like Questioned Document Examination, Handwriting Analysis, Signature verification, Signature Comparison, Fraud/Forgery Detections, Altered Documents (Additions, Deletions and subtractions), Anonymous letters Identification, Altered Photographs, Audios and Videos, Examination of Wills, Deeds and other property documents, Cross Examination in courts, Fingerprints verification, Fingerprint Development and Comparison, Fraudulent Fingerprint Detection, Reporting to Court, Expert Opinion on Forged Documents, Ink Analysis, Paper/Document Age Analysis, Burnt/charred Document Analysis,

Department of Education:

Our Department of Forensic Education provides a variety of forensic education services such as online and distance education, training, internships and workshops for the students and other professionals interested in forensic science and criminal investigation. ALFA has a group of highly skilled Forensic trainers who are delivering their quality education and providing various online, distance and classroom forensic science courses in various fields of forensic science and criminal investigation like questioned document examination, fingerprint identification, cyber forensic investigation, IT security and Ethical Hacking, Forensic Biology and Toxicology, Forensic Ballistics, Forensic Psychology, Forensic Anthropology, Forensic DNA Profiling, Forensic Photography and many more. These courses fascinate and help the forensic experts, lawyers, police officers, bankers, detectives/private investigators, doctors, IT personnel and many more for building their career in the field forensic science and criminal investigation. We also offers many training and internship programmes for the students and other professionals related to forensic science and criminal investigation.

Department of Police Clearance Certificate

ALFA is one of the best PCC providing agencies throughout the India. Our department of PCC provides Police Clearance Certificates and criminal Background Checks from various countries with the help of many agencies like FBI-USA, Australia Federal Police (AFP), RCMP-Canada, UAE, Singapore Police (CNCC), Mexico, Zambia, Nigeria, Kenya, Thailand, Suriname, Syria, Nigeria, Namibia, and Brunei. We also provide State police Clearance Certificates from Florida, New York, Washington New Jersey, Illinois, Ohio, Maryland, California, Mississippi, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, North Carolina, Taxes, Utah, Wisconsin, Wyoming etc. Police Clearance Certificates from New Zealand Immigration Visa Purposes Work permit. ALFA is known as one of the best Police Clearance Certificates consultants in India. We ensure our clients to give the best result in a short time and we also have a record to get 100% clients satisfaction in the past years.

Department of Public Safeguards

Our department of Safeguards provides various private and social security services like Employee Verification, Servant/Tennant Verification, Social Media Sites Crime Prevention (including Facebook, Orkut, Twitter, etc.), Computer Security, Credit/Debit Card fraud prevention and many other social crime prevention safety tips for the multi-national companies, security agencies, social activists, NGOs and Private individuals. These security measures and tips plays a vital role in prevention of crime against society. We work on the basis of some physical and biometric measurements to complete a variety of formalities like documentation, fingerprints, Photography and some anthropometrical measurements. We prepare three sets of documents on the basis of these measurements; one for client/individual, second one is for related police station, and the last one is for our laboratory.

Department of Private Investigation

Our department of Private Investigation offers various attractive investigation services like Surveillance, Spy Gadget, Pre-matrimonial, Post-matrimonial, Wanted criminal’s location search, Missing persons, Theft Burglaries, Pre & Post Employment, Financial fraud identification, Background screening, Verification of birth and marriage certificate, Verification of insurance claims, Asset verification, Undercover agent, Credit worthiness and due diligence, Surveillance, Intellectual property & infringement of trade mark, Debugging, Security audit, Litigation support, Education profile check, Financial Status Investigation, Infringement of Trade Marks, Patents & Copyrights, Loss of Goods in Transit, Verifying Bonafides of Visa Seekers Job Profile check, Salary and Reputation in the work place, Character, Previous Marriage (if any) and daily routine, Temperamental Details, Family Background, Financial Status, Alcoholic. Smoker, Drug Abuse and other general habits, suspected activities or adultery by the spouse, Child Possession, Separation or Divorce cases, Extra Marital affairs and some other queries related to matrimonial cases. We have a wide range of high-tech and featured spy gadgets which we regularly use to investigate these such types of services.

Department of Books/Equipments/Spy Gadgets

Our Forensic Books/Equipments/Spy Gadgets department provides a wide range of quality marked forensic books and investigation tools, which we always need to use to provide best forensic investigation and education services. These tools play a vital role for Forensic Laboratories, Forensic Science Institutes, Detectives and Private Investigators, Insurance investigators, MNCs, security agencies and Private Individuals.
ALFA provides a vast variety of forensic science professional and student’s kits for practicing and making their career in the field of forensic science and such other field of sciences. These kits generally come under the categories like Professional Crime Scene Kit, Student Crime Scene Kit, Professional Fingerprint Kit, Student Fingerprint Kit, Footprint Kit, Evidence Collection and Packaging Kit, DNA Collection Kit, Biological Evidence Collection Kit, QD Examination Kit, etc.
On order we also provide a large variety of Forensic Science Books to the Students, Institutes, Colleges and Universities related to every field of forensic Science. We have maintained a wide range of books written by all the national and international authors/writers.
On order we also provide a variety of spy gadgets and spy tools for the detectives, security agencies, Private Investigators, and other individuals, who need of these tools. We have maintained a wide range of spy gadgets like spy cameras, debugging device, bugs, GPS tracker, etc. in all the national and international brands.
We provide quality tested Books, Equipments and Spy Gadgets at very reasonable prices as available in the domestic and international market, We ensure our customer to never get interruption due to some technical fault while working or investigating. We also provide our customer a 100% free 24*7 technical support.

Department of Forensic Awareness

Our Department of Forensic Awareness runs a lot of social awareness programmes every year to aware the people about the mishappennigs they generally do at a scene of crime. While any crime takes place in their surroundings, they don’t know, what to do first? That is the reason, we started a new forensic job with the help of some NGOs and social activists as well as the social workers do. We are one of leading organizations in India providing various forensic social awareness services and programmes, which are more beneficial and helpful for the growth and development of forensic science in our country. We have appointed a team of selected highly experienced forensic experts, who work among the societies by performing many forensic social awareness programmes with the help of some plays and themes presentation to aware or train the people about the techniques and methods to prevent the crimes or how to handle a crime scene, which happen every day around us. We also aware people if a crime has taken place in someone’s surrounding then how to preserve the crime scene and what precautions should he follows to do not spoil the evidences.

Department of Insurance Investigation

Our Department of Insurance Investigation provides various insurance investigation services like Key Verification, Handwriting/Signature/Fingerprint verification, Registration verification, Claims Investigation, Insurance Fraud, Accident Claims Investigation, Life Insurance Claim Investigation, Property Claim Investigation, Fire Investigation, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Hit and Run Cases, Travel Insurance Claim Investigation, Insurance Surveillance Services, Investigation of T.P. Claims & Medi-Claims, Personal Accident Claims, Theft Claim Investigations, Tracing Witnesses and obtaining Statement, Recovery of the stolen vehicle From Authorities, Assisting Counsels / Lawyers, Legal and Insurance Support Services, General Insurance Investigations, Our forensic science services page offers more details on the full range of services. We have a team of experience Insurance Investigators who have proved their expertise in solving various critical cases and also have given their opinions Under Section 43 of Indian Evidence Act on many cases related to insurance investigation.
ALFA is also working with some additional forensic science services like Forensic Publications, Forensic Training and Internship, Biometrics, Industrial and Domestic Security, Forensic Awareness Programmes, Research and Development of Forensic Science, Forensic Science Renovation and etc. These services are offered with the help of miscellaneous departments.