Our High-Speciality Lab

Alpha Legal & Forensic Access is based in Delhi, India and now a days, ALFA is one of the leading Forensic Science Organizations in India. Our working protocols, based on years of experience, include various safety measures including neat and clean environment for storage of the evidences, proper arrangements of the evidences, proper packaging, helps our experts to proceed in a perfect working environment for proper examination of the evidences.

Forensic Science Laboratories are multi-disciplinary institutions doing highly specialized and sophisticated work. The prime role of forensic science laboratory is to provide unbiased scientific evidence to investigating agencies and in turn the judiciary system. Our forensic Laboratories provide quick and extensive services to its clients. ALFA has a chain of many well-equipped laboratories:

>> Document Division

>> Fingerprint Division

>> Cyber Forensics Division

>> Crime Scene Management Division

>> Forensic Biology and Toxicology Division

>> Forensic Ballistics Division

>> Forensic Anthropology Division

>> Forensic Photography Division

>> Forensic Chemistry Division

>> Forensic Physics Division

>> Tape or Video Authentication Division

>> Speaker Identification Division

>> DNA Fingerprint Division

>> Forensic Psychology Division

>> Other Divisions (Administration Division, Accounts Division)