ALFA offers a variety of services across the scientific, evidence and case-type spectrum. ALFA has a team of highly experience forensic experts who have proved their expertise and given expert opinions on many cases related to forensic science and criminal investigation. The services offered by us are provided by the various departments:

Department of Books/Equipments/Spy Gadgets

Our Forensic Books/Equipments/Spy Gadgets department provides a wide range of quality marked forensic books and investigation tools, which we always need to use to provide best forensic investigation and education services. These tools play a vital role for Forensic Laboratories, Forensic Science Institutes, Detectives and Private Investigators, Insurance investigators, MNCs, security agencies and Private Individuals.
ALFA provides a vast variety of forensic science professional and student’s kits for practicing and making their career in the field of forensic science and such other field of sciences. These kits generally come under the categories like Professional Crime Scene Kit, Student Crime Scene Kit, Professional Fingerprint Kit, Student Fingerprint Kit, Footprint Kit, Evidence Collection and Packaging Kit, DNA Collection Kit, Biological Evidence Collection Kit, QD Examination Kit, etc.
On order we also provide a large variety of Forensic Science Books to the Students, Institutes, Colleges and Universities related to every field of forensic Science. We have maintained a wide range of books written by all the national and international authors/writers.
On order we also provide a variety of spy gadgets and spy tools for the detectives, security agencies, Private Investigators, and other individuals, who need of these tools. We have maintained a wide range of spy gadgets like spy cameras, debugging device, bugs, GPS tracker, etc. in all the national and international brands.
We provide quality tested Books, Equipments and Spy Gadgets at very reasonable prices as available in the domestic and international market, We ensure our customer to never get interruption due to some technical fault while working or investigating. We also provide our customer a 100% free 24*7 technical support.