Who Need Us

Defence Lawyers/Advocates:

ALFA provides experts opinion Under Section 45 of the Indian Evidence Act on the aforesaid cases. Most of our defence work originates from criminal defence lawyers and is usually funded by Legal Aid. Our scientists can undertake file reviews, re-examinations, re-testing, case conferences, scene visits and, of course, cross examination, present their evidences and opinions in Court.


We don’t work directly for police forces (it may be on contractual or temporary basis) or through other forensic providers, where they need to access our specialist forensic science services or forensic science specialists. We also offer a range of support services, many around “quality” (quality standards consultancy, proficiency testing, auditing, etc.) and training of personnel.

Other Govt. Departments, Organisations & Authorities:

We are working for a number of different Government Departments and organisations on the contractual basis. We work for them who need to access our particular investigative and scientific expertise.

Civil Law cases:

Forensic science plays an important role in Civil Law cases as well as Criminal Law and ALFA has a wealth of experience at providing such expertise across a wide variety of case types.


We work for many companies who need to access our particular investigative and scientific expertise. For example, we work for the health and pharmaceutical industries identifying possible contaminants in manufactured products; we assist other manufacturers in carrying out independent checks on their “clean-rooms” to ensure they are free from DNA. We also assist the insurance sectors with investigations, particularly in cases of fire.

Private Individuals:

Private Individuals often contact us asking for support with a variety of issues and problems, from theft, to paternity and maternity and in many other private cases like Pre-Post Matrimonial Investigation, Surveillance, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Skip Tracing, ID theft, Debugging, Child Possession, Separation or Divorce cases, Extra Marital affairs, etc.

IT/Corporates Sectors:

Many IT/Corporates Sectors contract our forensic scientists for their specialist investigative and analytical skills. Our highly skilled experts help them in identifying some cybercrimes like Asset Tracing and Recovery, Social Networking Sites Crime Investigation, E-mail Tracking, IP Tracking, Password Recovery, Audio/Video Tempering Analysis, Data Recovery, Virus Attack Investigation, Computer Security, Virus Attack Investigation, etc.