About Us

ALFA is a government registered organization (Reg. with Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Govt. of India) and that is a highly respected independent forensic science expertise or service provider in India.

ALFA has a longevity and a legacy to be proud of. Formed in 2013 as an independent supplier of quality forensic science services, we have built an enviable reputation for our work in many different sectors providing investigative and analytical forensic science consultancy, training and quality management services.

We remain today, independent: the company is a privately owned, Private Limited company and we truly focus on science we will work for any sector of the Criminal Justice System (prosecution and defence), as well as for other Government Departments and organisations, in Civil Law cases, industry and private individuals. We work in India and overseas.

We work in an organized way having a Board of Directors, a management team, employed scientists and administration staff plus a long list of highly experienced consultants and, also some “Consociates” means experts to which we contract work.

Our aim is to deliver perfect and accurate results to the Courts and other individuals.

Our Reputation

We have achieved and maintain our high reputation in a number of ways:

Commitment to independence:

we are very proud of our independence and we feel that it is vital that the Criminal Justice System in India has a forensic provider that is genuinely independent of, for example, the police, the judiciary and mainstream “prosecution” forensic providers. This independence allows us to offer totally impartial, objective, quality forensic advice, to a broad range of organisations.

Truly focussing on the science:

whether in criminal case work or private work. Part of our recruitment policy is to recruit scientists who will focus on the scientific facts, and, in making interpretations and forming opinions, based on those facts, will not be swayed by the organisation or sector “paying the bill”. We will remain totally impartial and objective.

Ease to Access:

ALFA has maintained a vast chain of its branches throughout the country. These branches facilitate its customers with ease to access facility to kindly submit their cases and get the proper solution of their queries at their nearest places.

Recruitment policy:

we only recruit experienced forensic scientists who have already worked for many CFSLs, FSLs and other reputative forensic organizations. We trust and respect for their experience, skills and integrity. This is fundamental to our work.

Determination to deliver “quality” services:

quality is embedded in ALFA, from attainment of recognised quality management standards, to the quality of our people, our facility and our services.

Reasonable Prices:

ALFA provides a wide range of quality marked services at very reasonable and attractive prices. ALFA assures its customers, its charges are very minimal in comparison with the other forensic science service providers in India.

Security and confidentiality:

this is at the heart of ALFA and gives our customers great confidence in using our services. Our facility has many security features to ensure the safety of our customers files, exhibits and evidence, and our staff are all security cleared.

100 % Clients Satisfaction:

ALFA has a record of delivering a wide range of its quality services and also to get 100 % clients satisfaction and positive feedback from the customer’s side.

Our Team

As one of the smaller, but fastest growing, forensic science providers we have the luxury of being able to spend time on making sure we only recruit the best, and most appropriate people. From our Board of Directors, to our management team, to our scientists and administration staff we have only recruited people whom we know and whose quality of work and loyalty we know and understand. We have a record to always get a positive response from the customer’s side.

Our Laboratories

We have a wealth of experience at designing, building and commissioning forensic science laboratories. Within these specialist laboratories we can undertake examinations of items and recovery of evidence from various substances such as Questioned Document Examination, Fingerprint Comparison, Fingerprint Development and Matching, Biological evidences examination and testing, cyber investigation, Firearm and explosives identification, crime scene investigation, paper, glass, paint, textile fibres examination, etc. Our labs are environmentally controlled and are highly secured.

Our Quality Standards

Alpha Legal & Forensic Access Private Limited is committed to implementing and maintaining internationally recognised quality systems as part of its commitment to providing quality forensic science services to its customers. The assurance of quality is fundamental to all the work undertaken by Alpha Legal & Forensic Access and the established procedures as practised by all personnel at every level in the company's structure.

Our Quality Standard team is led by a highly experienced Quality Manager who has worked in the forensic science industry for over 5 years. He has managed and developed forensic science quality systems for many years, with successful assessments and maintenance of accreditation/certification, and helped to train staff to understand the value of these systems and to manage their compliance. He has a long and positive working relationship with the forensic accreditation team at India.