Questioned Document Examination Division

Our Questioned Document Examination Division provides experts Opinions Under Sections 43 and 45 of the Indian Evidence Act on the cases-

>> Alteration, substitution, insertion, deletion.

>> Addition in the documents

>> Examination of printed matter

>> Identification of printed source

>> Examination of scanned documents

>> Examination of photocopiers

>> Ink identification and dating

>> Detection of the age of ink.

>> Examination of typescripts

>> Paper age analysis

>> Forensic Photography of disputed documents

>> Examination of erasures

>> Decipherment of secret writing

>> Forgery detection of "Cut and paste" signatures

>> Determination of sequence of strokes

>> Examination of counterfeit currency notes

>> Determination of relative age of the documents

>> Identification of fake ageing

>> Identification of fake wills

>> Certificate, ration card, degrees. ID card etc verification

>> Passport verification

>> Examination of different scripts like English, Hindi, Urdu, Punjabi

>> Opinion writing

>> Report writing in cross examination

>> Cheque forgery/frauds

>> Signature verification on disputed documents

>> Handwriting identification

>> Signature identification in cases of property disputes

>> Examination of wills, agreements, receipts, forms, contracts for authenticity

>> Examination of threatening. Blackmailing letters

>> Examination in cases of disguise

>> Examination of suicide notes

>> Examination of guided hand writing