Forensic Biology and Toxicology Division

Our Forensic Biology and Toxicology Division provides experts Opinions Under Section 43 of the Indian Evidence Act on:

>> Blood group detection

>> DNA extraction from blood, saliva, bones etc.

>> DNA analysis for paternity disputes

>> Rape cases

>> Extra marital affairs

>> Hair examination

>> Semen examination

>> Saliva examination

>> Litigation support and cross examination

>> Examination of various biological fluids

>> Examination of viscera, stomach wash and other materials

>> Vomit examination

>> Urine examination

>> Faecal stains

>> Poisoning cases

>> Drug overdose

>> Dope test

>> Blood alcohol level

>> Examination of various types of other toxic substances

>> Examination of powders, tablets, capsules, syringes, vials

>> Examination of materials in animal and bird criminal cases

>> Analysis and quantization of poisons