Why Coustomers rely on ALFA

Highly experienced Forensic Experts: Our experts are trained to use their forensic skills and scientific knowledge to thoroughly investigate or examine the issues posed by clients. We only recruit forensic scientists, who commit ALFA to give a quality, quality science and customer service.

Real commitment to quality: ALFA ensure its clients get an excellent and substantial service. Our quality management and quality consultancy is managing and heading up by very experienced forensic science quality managers. So that the clients always give us a chance to prove the facts.

Limitation of time: ALFA has a record of delivering its quality tested services within a limited period of time. We always take a least period of time for laboratory examinations and report writing. We always prefer clients, who have an emergency and need to get solutions within a short time.

Security and confidentiality: ALFA has been verified and recognised by a number of highly secure organisations regarding our commitment to security and confidentiality, we always use highly secure email systems and our outskirts are safe and secure to a high level.

Laboratories / crime scenes / customer premises: we work from our well-designed highly-secure laboratories, at customers’ premises or at crime scenes. We provide our services according to our customer’s needs and requirements. That why customers trust on us and prefer us to get a perfect solution of their problems.

ALFA – Why We Are Different

As part of trying to build a unique "offer" from other forensic providers, we have tried to ensure that we really do behave differently and that this is clearly visible to our customers and other decision makers:

>> we are recognised as being thorough and highly professional;

>> we believe all of our staff are truly dedicated to the forensic science profession;

>> we are objective and "ethical" – we don't bias our findings depending on who is paying the bill;

>> we always try to give the best as much as possible

>> we never create pricing issues to the customers

>> we are the chosen "partner" for highly sensitive work within certain Government organisations;

>> we provide a "holistic" approach to casework .... "leaving no stone unturned";

>> we are working with a lot of our branches in India

>> we take a short time to solve any query

>> we provide our services at very reasonable prices

>> we work particularly well as a team, with each individual understanding, respecting and trusting the skills of his/her team member(s);

>> we provide a 24×7 customers support service

>> share the same goals of the case and business success;

>> commitment to getting the work done;

>> a commitment to customer satisfaction, and dealing rapidly and concertedly with any customer issues that arise. This has resulted in us only having had a few customer complaints in the last year.

we have a very experienced Board, who have all committed financially to the company, and who have great experience in managing and growing forensic science companies safely.