ALFA’s Customers and Services

ALFA provides an extravagant forensic science expertise to its wide range of customers:

Forensic science for the Criminal Defence Service
Since its establishment, ALFA has been supporting the Criminal Defence Service by providing expert forensic science services through coroners, lawyers/advocates, consociates and judiciaries. From major to volume crime, our forensic scientists have an extensive range of expertise, enabling us to provide expert forensic scientists who have many years of experience at examining and challenging the work of the prosecution forensic scientists. ALFA is also accredited by many authorities and the Bar Associations to deliver the good services, which we provide throughout the country.

Forensic science for the PoliceWe are also working with many state and central police forces, particularly for major crime and high profile/media sensitive cases and support the police through the larger forensic science organisations – particularly when they need additional support or access to our particular skill set. In addition we supply a range of support services like proficiency testing, training, quality standards consultancy and other support for police laboratories.

Forensic science for Civil Law cases
Forensic science plays a vital role in Civil Law cases as well as Criminal Law cases. ALFA has a wealth of experience at providing such expertise across a wide variety of civil cases like Divorce, disputes involving property ownership, and contractual disputes, etc.

Forensic science for Industries
Many industries contract our forensic scientists for their specialist investigative and analytical skills. From product contamination (either deliberate or accidental) to environmental monitoring (for example, checking for DNA contamination on medical or pharmaceutical products, checking for counterfeit products, duplicacy of packaged items, etc.) to training, our scientists can often solve tricky problems that a pure analytical scientist would not be able to.

Forensic science for IT/Corporates Sectors
Many IT/Corporates Sectors contract our forensic scientists for their specialist investigative and analytical skills. Our highly skilled experts help them in identifying some cybercrimes like Asset Tracing and Recovery, Social Networking Sites Crime Investigation, E-mail Tracking, IP Tracking, Password Recovery, Audio/Video Tempering Analysis, Data Recovery, Virus Attack Investigation, Computer Security, Virus Attack Investigation, etc. Forensic science for Private Individuals & Civil Cases
Many private individuals contact ALFA to support them through often difficult private issues or civil cases. Our services are called upon to analyse, for example, substances suspected to be drugs, possibly found in the home, cases of suspected infidelity, questions about parentage and many other family and personal issues like paternity and maternity disputes, etc. We also provide many private investigation services like Pre/Post Employment Verifications, Workers Compensation Claims, Due Diligence, Skiptracing, Assets Search, Mystery Shopping, Under Cover Operation, Insurance Claims, Corporate Espionage, Patent-Trademark, etc.